Monday, June 11, 2007

June 11th Update

Hey gang wanted to give you all an update and a couple of prayer requests. Coleman is doing really well. She slept much better last night and took some really good naps today.
My folks and sister and her kids headed back to PA today. They got to mile marker 130ish and the car died at a rest area. AAA came and jumped them and they are now heading to get a new battery. Please keep them in your prayers for safe travels home to PA.
I also received an email today from a friend of mine who has been following the blog and realized what strong prayer warriors are out there and has asked for you to pray about something - here is her email.
I have a prayer request if you could spread it around to your mighty prayer warriors. Aunt Doe has been working for years with addicts, as you know. There are no long-term inpatient treatment centers for adolescents in the Baltimore area, and there are no inpatient treatment centers for women in the county. She has been working hard with her friends in the county to get a residential treatment program together for girls -- one where they will have a therapeutic horseback riding program and care for the animals as part of their rehab. So, a lot of the pieces are starting to come together, but this has happened before and something or someone has interfered at the last minute to make the whole deal fall apart. This week all of the players are going to come together and give a really good go at making the program happen. Please keep them in your prayers. When I worked at the jail, and just observing my friends and Doe who are involved in helping these women, the deck is doubly stacked against them. There are not half the opportunities, job programs, funds, or rehab facilities that there are for young men. I am not sure why, but it's true, and I have seen some very motivated, hard-working and bright women end up back on the streets because all of their hard work is met with brick wall after brick wall here in Harford County. So -- that's my case! Please add this to your lengthy prayer request list.

Thanks for praying and I promise to add more pictures of the kids soon!

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