Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Princess Coleman!!!!

Today is Princess Coleman's First Birthday!!! God is so good and we are so blessed and today is just a reminder of how blessed we are! Here are some pictures of Coleman over the past year, enjoy.

Thanksgiving in PA

This was our year to spend Thanksgiving in PA with my family. We got up Tuesday morning for the long drive, however we didn't realize it would be as long as it was. 15 hours to get to my parents house, it normally takes us 12 hours. Coleman did really well on the trip for the first 12 hours, after that she was done traveling and just wanted out. By the time we reached Nanny and Poppy's everyone was asleep.
While at Nanny and Poppy's, Grandma and Grampa Ramage and Grandma Weaver came over to celebrate Coleman's birthday (we'll be posting about the birthday girl soon). We had a really nice birthday party with family and friends from PA. Here are some pictures of Coleman and her first taste of birthday cake.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Watch Out WWF Here Comes Cooper

Cooper and Tradd just love to play around. Here is a little video of them being boys;

Monday, November 12, 2007

Please join us in prayer

I don't want to release names but Meghan and I have some dear friends who are going through a hard time right now with the loss of their infant child. Meghan and I have witnessed the power of prayer by those of you who read this blog and we are asking you to join with us in prayer for this family and the grandparents. We ask that you pray for God's perfect peace to cover them and that the enemy would not be able to get in and make a bad situation worse.
We stand on God's promise that where ever one or more are gathered in "His" name He is there too. We are gathering together through this blog at this time in agreement knowing that God is going to show up in this situation.
Thank you for your prayers.
In His Son's Love,

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Trip to AZ

Okay where to begin? My boss has asked me to go and check out other churches around the country and see how they are doing Children's Ministry. One church that I was thinking about going to visit was in VA, I'm blocking on the name of the church but it is well known for it's special needs program. Anyway I have a good friend who is a pastor in AZ and started thinking about going there instead. So I went to my boss and asked him which one he thought would be better, a trip to AZ or VA. He said that if I could visit more than one church in AZ that would be his choice for me.
So I contacted my friend Jeff and he set up some churches for us to visit.

Since I was heading to AZ and my cousin Lydia and her husband Vol are out there I thought I would head out a day earlier than planned to spend some time with them.
(This is my Cousin Lydia, we took a hike to see the area!)

This is where God took over my schedule (actually He took it over a long time ago, but this is one area I really saw him working). I found out the Monday before I left that Vol was in the hospital. Lydia was still going to pick me up at the airport, and she was hoping Vol would be out by the time I got there on Thursday. Well, later in the week we found out that was not going to be the case. Vol has been in a wheelchair from an accident that happened when he was younger and due to some complications he was going to need to have his leg amputated. (He had one done a year earlier). It just so happened that the surgery was going to take place on Thursday afternoon, and I arrived Thursday morning. I believe that it was God's plan for me to go to AZ and be able to be with Lydia while Vol was in surgery. (By the way, Vol came through surgery really well, the doctor did think that his leg may not heal properly and that they may need to take more off, but through the power of prayer and a wonderful God, Vol is doing well and without having more of the leg taken off.)

So after spending some time with my cousin (which I love, thank you Lydia) I hooked up with my friend Jeff and headed over to his house to spend time with him and his beautiful family. (Pictured here!)

While I was with them I got to meet an incredible couple, Lori and Brett (sorry if I spelled your names wrong), they are getting ready to have a very special baby. While we were talking I got to share with them the many blessings we have had with Coleman since she was born. Even the time we got to watch God work in our lives through her surgery. I can't wait to hear what God does in their lives as they prepare for the arrival of their little one. And how much more he will bless their lives after the birth.

After being in the middle of what I feel was God's Will for my life during the few short weeks, I was just in awe of God's perfect timing and plans. Jeremiah 29:11 says "For I know the plans I have for you..."

Two things that really touched me on this trip were, one, being able to be there for my cousin, because I know what it is like to have to sit in a waiting room while a loved one is in surgery. And two after talking to Lori and Brett, I went to bed that night and said, "For such a time as this, God has allowed me to experience all that I have with our special needs child" And I can honestly say that I am humbled and honored that God would take me through something like Coleman's birth and surgery, and allow me to share it with others. If it gives those I'm sharing it with a bit of hope and a glimpse of the AWESOME GOD I serve it is all worth it.

Thank you God for the opportunity to go to AZ, and thank you Lydia and Vol, Jeff, Cristen, and Savannah for opening your home and your hearts to me. I am so blessed to have all of you in my life!

It's good to be home with my family, and I am waiting for the day when God allows Jeff and I to do God's work together, at the same church.

Few prayer requests; Pray for continued healing for Vol and strength for Lydia. Pray also for Lori and Brett and the arrival of their new little one. And pray for God's constant blessings upon Jeff and Cristen and that sweet little princess Savannah.