Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Kinney Family Northern Tour

Lots of miles over the past two and a half weeks have gone into our van and we praise God that it survived. Let's see if I can give you the highlights of everything that has been happening in the Kinney household and on the road...

Meghan and the kids went to Glennie, Michigan for vacation with her family.

Tradd, Cooper and Uncle Rob with the catch of the day!

The Kinney Kids on the boat.

Swimming in North Lake in Glennie, Michigan

Meghan's parent's celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this year! Here is some of the family...

I met up with Meghan and the kids and we headed to PA to visit my family...

Enjoying more fishing with mom and dad at Hidden Valley Camp grounds in PA.

My parents and their grand kids!
I'll post some more pictures and some videos of the trip later.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nine Years of Bliss...

Meghan and I are celebrating our 9th year of marriage today! I was thinking back on our wedding today and all the many wonderful and fun memories. Here are nine memories, one for each no particular order;
* The wedding coordinator losing the reception center keys till 1 am.
* All our wonderful friends and family who traveled from all over the U.S. to celebrate with us.
* Meghan's brother reminding us that no matter what happened during the ceremony we would be walking out as husband and wife.
* The church being in the middle of remodeling and me calling Joan every day to see if the auditorium would be ready in time.
* How the wedding party got along so well, as if they had all been friends for a long time.
* Beautiful Meghan!
* Jeff's forever long toast
* The wonderful prayers of our friends; Jerry, Lana, Dennison, Colleen, Jim and Janet during the service
* Pastor Michael standing up in front of the church the Wednesday before the wedding and inviting everyone to join us at the ceremony

The list could go on and on...
Nine years and still counting, thanks for marring me Meghan! And thank you God for sharing Meghan with me.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Weekend Packed with Fun!

What a great weekend! On Friday, after Coleman's PT, we headed up to Myrtle Beach to visit our friends from Raleigh, Debbie and Paul and their children Paul and Rose. We haven't seen them in over 3 years. (They never met Cooper or Coleman). They were vacationing at a great place in MB and so we headed up to see them and spent the day visiting and swimming. It was a BLAST!

On Saturday I officiated my second wedding. My assistant's daughter got married at the Woodlands, the only 5 star restaurant and resort in SC (at least that is what I am told). It was so beautiful and the food was amazing. They had all my favorites - Prime Rib, Shrimp and Grits, and a really cool french fry bar - french fries and about 100 different toppings including chocolate. It was so cool.

Then on Sunday I got to do what I love doing and that is teach children about Jesus. What a perfect way to end a wonderful, fun filled weekend with friends!