Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dangerous Duo

And she's up! Pulling up that is. Several days ago Drayton pulled up for the first time. Let's just say that the falling is not pretty. No major bumps thus far though. She even pulled to a stand in the tub yesterday. She's been trying for about two weeks. Tried a lot in her crib and continually fell bumping her head on the side. Now I have two that are dangerous. Coleman loves to play with anything wet she can find. Usually she dumps the dog water on the floor but she'll also empty her cup on the floor just to play in it. Then, as she stands to walk away (or run) she falls and hits her head because it's slippery!! Coleman has also been taking off her diaper as well as throwing plates off her high chair. (Will be buying paper plates I think because Coleman insists on having whatever her brothers have which means that she's broken several plates and bowls.) Well, you could say that all this activity has made me very tired!! Always feeling blessed however! Ta Ta for now!