Monday, August 27, 2007

Pictures from Vacation

Tradd and Cooper frog hunting at the lake, at one time I think they had about 15 frogs in their bucket. Tradd was frog hunting and swimming from morning till night. Cooper on the other hand, he would get tired and go play in the dirt for a while then come back.

Tradd also enjoyed fishing with Grandpa! I still think Tradd enjoyed playing with the worms best of all! He is all Boy!
One thing Cooper started off enjoying but quickly learned it was not as safe as it looked, was jumping on the bed, thus the band-aid over the eye!
And Princess Coleman, well she just kept working on sitting up and we are happy to say she has perfected it! (However we are still working on the falling over part - with hardwood floors we have to put lots of padding around her when she is on the floor.)

Coleman adores her brothers, especially Cooper!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vacation and More (with more to come!)

Sorry for the delay in getting new posts out there - we have been quite busy lately. We just got back from a wonderful vacation with Meghan's family at their lake side cottage in Michigan. We had wonderful weather, food and fellowship. (More about vacation w/pictures to follow) Before leaving on vacation we had to get all our belongings out of our house into a storage POD because while we were gone we were blessed with our carpet being ripped up and our hardwood floors restored - and to top it off we were blessed further by having the rooms painted (and repainted). Again we will be getting some photos and more details as soon as we can find all the cables and cords and get the furniture unpacked (sitting on hardwood floors to type is not comfortable - I must be getting old). Anyway, just wanted to say we are back safe and sound and had a blast! We are excited to be back in our house and thankful to our good friend Jodi for allowing us to stay at her place while the floors dried! Can't wait to share pictures and stories!
OH BIG NEWS...Coleman is sitting up on her own now, and not just sitting up but going from a laying down/crawling position to a sitting up position all by herself!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

I'll describe why he feels that way about them. They are so full of life and curiosity and pureness. While those are things that make us in awe of them and love them so much, those are also the things that drive us crazy. Cooper's curiosity has broken several windows, wasted lots of dish soap, flour, milk and vanilla yogurt. His openness and lack of inhibition is what makes him the best 2 year old hugger around. While his eyes are filled with mischief, they are also filled with adoration (for his sister especially) and love and wonder at the world and people around him. Tradd's curiosity leads to the catch of many bugs and lizards, the accumulation of much dirt outside, inside and all around our house (as well as the accumulation of tons of laundry). His imagination never stops and neither does his mouth!! Lately his mouth only stops talking long enough to consume volumes of expensive vanilla yogurt, blueberries and ham (also pricey). I'm in awe of his resilience even after I've lost my temper with them. He's always willing to offer forgiveness when I ask it. He's not as forgiving of his brother though. We've spent a great deal of time bandaging wounds (both physical and emotional) that Cooper the brutus has caused. Tradd's not 100% sure that Cooper can stay. Ha Ha! And then there's Coleman. I can't think of anything she does that drives me crazy. At least not yet. She's starting to get up on all fours so I'm sure to have a list of things she does that drives me crazy soon. What drives me crazy in love with her is her cuddly preciousness. She's just happy and cuddly and so easy to please. All our kids were this way so we are indeed very blessed!! We are also extremely well provided for. I'll write more later about all the details but our hard-wood floors are going to be restored and new windows put in while we're on vacation. These things and the recent yard makeover are gifts from wonderful friends and of course the Lord!!!! We are blessed beyond measure!! Meghan

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Love Those Kids

Can I just tell you how much we love our children. I mean, yeah they do some things that gets them in trouble, but all and all they are great kids. I'm sure all parents think they have great kids, but we really do. I don't have any specifics at this time I just wanted to say how wonderful I think my children are. I love to listen to Tradd as he tells stories and shares all he knows about life and everything around it. Cooper just has the cutest look about him - I can't explain it but if you look at his picture you will see it in his eyes. And the Princess Coleman has me so wrapped around her finger it's not even funny, all she has to do is smile at me and I melt.
We just Love them and we Thank God for sharing them with us!

The Proud Parents of Three Great Kids!