Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Scott, Meghan and Drayton Elizabeth

Super Model Coleman

Cooper and Tradd being natural

The Kinney Family!

For those of you in the Charleston Area - these photos were taken by Chelle Fazal - she is a wonderful photographer and you can set up an appointment here.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Things they say and do!

Tradd found a baby squirrel this a.m. He was still alive after falling about 20 ft. Couldn't just leave him there to die he was so cute and pink. As we drove him to the vet (yes they actually try to rehab these tiny creatures and then send them to a licensed rehaber. Oh the things I learned today) I realized I should have taken a pic of the tiny little guy. On the drive home, I told the boys we should pray that he lives and is healthy soon. Tradd prayed a sweet little prayer and asked God's mercy on the squirrel. Cooper said he didn't want to pray for the squirrel but he'd rather pray for the American flag so it didn't blow away or fall down. HAHAHAHAHA! Sometimes they drive me nuts and other times they make me laugh til I about wet myself. Just as we were leaving the vet (no bill for us this time!) Cooper kept digging really hard at his nose and then he started to cry. So, I looked and low and behold there was a small pebble/rock up his nose! While he was crying I tried to pry it out with one of my keys, so afraid he would jerk and make me poke him with it. I got it to a point where he just blew and it came out. Boy did he think that was funny!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of school

Our first official day of homeschooling today. Tradd woke up with his usual "I've been thinking about what we can do today." This is usually followed by crabbing or fishing or going to the park or beach. Anyway, I told him it was our first day of school and he quickly said, "I wonder when I get to have Spring Break?" Well the day got a lot better as both boys seemed to love all that we did. As we were doing a Bible lesson and talking about being disciples, Tradd said he was a follower of Jesus but Cooper said he'd rather follow ducks! Who knows where that came from but I hardly stopped laughing all day for their antics.