Friday, February 8, 2008

Kinney Kids Update

For those of you asking for an update on the kids here it is...

Tradd and Cooper are getting ready to celebrate their birthdays. They are growing in so many ways.

Tradd is still into rats! He has asked for a rodant birthday party this year, with rats, bats and mice.
Coleman is doing great with her pulling up, we know one day she is just going to stand up and walk on her own. Here is a video of her pulling up at the boys train table.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hunter's Progress

Many of you have been praying for my cousin Amber and her baby boy Hunter. Here is an email I got from my Aunt Joan, Amber's mom...

I want to share the good news we received on Friday from the cardiologist. Hunter valves are growing to right size..the hole is still there,but we can handle that. The Dr says that we are looking at 6 months. to a years verse 4 months 6 months. The Dr is very happy with progress he has made. I thought to Amber was the power of prayers, and in her blog that what she says also. God is good. We still are not out of the dark yet, but with prayer and God we won't loose.Please thank all your friends and your church for all the prayers, and keep praying.Give the kids a hug and kiss from us.Love You allAunt Joan

Thank you for your prayers and we ask that you keep praying for Hunter and Amber as well as the whole family.

In Him