Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No school today. That was a last minute decision. Actually thought we'd do school in the afternoon after our trip to the Aquarium but we got there later than expected and stayed later than planned, so . . . . Scott and I switched cell companies and upgraded phones like you wouldn't believe. We got free Blackberries with our new plan so we have been having fun trying out all the stuff on it. This video was taken of Drayton (AKA "busy bee") at the aquarium boat play area. This short video is a sample of what she did for a solid 10 minutes - over and over and over again! Funny and busy little lady! What a doll. She'll be 1 on the 6th. WHEW! Enjoy.

Everyone in the house has a different idea of what must be going through her head and the kids' ideas make us laugh just as much as the video itself. I need to take a video of Cooper laughing at this video. Really sweet.