Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My little genius

Just have to brag on Tradd's intelligence. Yesterday I was reading one of his dinosaur books to him and instead of skipping over the "millions of years ago," blah, blah, blah part, I accidentally read it and then I said, "whatever." Tradd asked why I said that so I briefly explained a little about evolution. Very briefly and probably most crudely. I said that some scientists believe that some fish used to be land animals and that some land animals used to be fish and that they adapted when their environment changed. I said that evolution even says that way back, our relatives were monkeys or apes or something and he laughed!! Well, today he can talk about nothing but evolution. He said "mommy, you know my movie about dinosaurs?" I said, "you mean Fantasia?" He said, "yes." "Well, you know that part where the fish are wiggling and changing and then some start to walk instead of swim? Is that evolution?" I was floored,"OH, MY GOSH!! Yes!" So he wanted to know more about evolution so we talked about Darwin. And, I told him that I was pretty sure Darwin even changed his mind about this theory but nobody ever talks about that. (will have to do some homework on that) So he later was making all kinds of dinosaurs and fish with his play dough but he would make them all a little different to demonstrate evolution. Then, tonight he gets his story Bible out because I had told him that it's possible that God made some animals with the ability to adapt to a changing environment but that certainly the part about how something came from nothing is impossible. I told him that the Bible tells us that God was always there and he's the `something' that created everything. We read about Adam and Eve and all of creation and he didn't want to stop so we read up through Joseph. Then he asked Scott if they could watch the Moses movie and that's where they are now. Scott just said that he was in there with them during the part where God promised Canaan to the Israelites and when Tradd heard about the "land flowing with milk and honey," he said he would really like that place because he can't get enough milk and honey. Kids say the greatest things!! Cooper is at the stage where he shows more emotional/relational intelligence than IQ. (His IQ especially shows in his attempts at manipulating situations to get his way and especially manipulating his brother to get Tradd into trouble.) Anyway, he's so caring for his sister when she's upset. About a week ago we were at another church during morning bible study and when Coleman got upset in the nursery, they walked around with her and Cooper came up to the worker with Coleman and patted her head and said "I right here Poleman, don't cry. It's all right!" So sweet and tender. Well, I could write for hours but I'm tired. Just had to brag. Coleman is great and healthy but having difficulty teething. She's cruising mostly to the right so we work on the left side. She loves to stand up and frequently thinks she can do it without holding on. Good thing her bottom is well padded. Well, Good night! Many blessings to you!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

God's Easter gift to me

For the last 7 years (pretty sure every year since we moved into this house) when I get into the car on Easter Sunday, no matter what service I attend on this special day, I get blessed with the old song from Don Francisco "He's alive!" The words of the song tell the story and it all builds to the chorus basically I think from Peter's perspective when he proclaims "He's alive!" I'm all ready for church, even have makeup on my eyes, and I end up crying like a baby. I literally blubber and can't even sing the greatest, most important words of the song. "He's alive! He's alive! He's alive and I'm forgiven Heaven's gates are open wide!" That pretty much sums up Easter and Christianity. Even more though, he was dead (because of our sins) and now he's alive!!! Whew!! I've spent most of the day wiping away tears of joy and overwhelming blessing!!!!!!! Jesus is Risen!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

computer outage

Sorry it has been so long since we have posted! We have experienced a computer glitch. Things are good at the Kinney House and God continues to bless us.

My mom was in town with her friend Donna for a couple of days and the kids loved having Nana around.

Lady and the Tramp, our guinea pigs are doing well, I think they are getting used to us and the craziness of the house.

Here are some pictures that our friend Chelle Fazal took for us. Interested in having her do some family shots for you? Go to her website (after April 1st)

I took this picture of Meghan and Cooper, just love it!!!!

I'll try to post more often!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Winter break and boys birthday

Wow, it has been a busy month for us, but a very fun month...

The end of February we took a long weekend and headed down to Florida to visit my cousins Lydia and Julie, and Lydia's mother-in-law, Janet. Meghan and I were a little nervous about the trip - five people invading a home, but I believe everyone had a great time. I know our family did. The boys hated to leave, I think it was the nice warm swimming pool that Lydia had in her back yard, plus all the fun with Lydia and Julie.

We left Lydia's on Monday, February 25, which was Tradd's birthday, so we stopped at Downtown Disney to have lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe and to have some fun shopping for the boys' birthdays. (Cooper's birthday is March 1st) We had a blast, but let me tell you we were worn out when it was done. So we left Downtown Disney (sorry but this really is the short version of everything - plus there will be pictures to follow) and headed up towards I95 where we got the first exit and met up with our friends Jen and Lee and their children for coffee and catching up. Jen and Lee moved to Florida four years ago and we haven't seen each other for at least two or more years, so it was just great catching up and seeing them, even if it was only for a couple of hours. Then we headed to Edisto (an Island just south of Charleston). My former assistant and wonderful blessing to Meghan and I, Kay, has a beach house on Edisto and offered it to us for the week. So we spent the rest of the week at the beach house just hanging out as a family and enjoying time together. It was a true relaxing vacation and just a wonderful time together.

Now as for today and the boys' birthday party - what a blast. I'm going to try and post a video of the boys and their cakes. We're hoping this video makes us some money on AFV. But here are some pictures as well from the party. If you read this blog you know that Tradd is really into rats. So some friends called Meghan today to ask if they could buy him a hamster for his birthday - Meghan's first response was, did you ask Scott? She then told them it would be ok. Well praise God they did not get the rat-want-to-be but got the boys Guinnea Pigs instead. Tradd quickly named them Lady and Tramp (because there is a rat in the movie which I think is where this whole rat thing started.) Well, we now have reason to believe that Lady is a tramp and Tramp is a lady - and if they have babies, everyone we know will be getting guinnea pigs as gifts...

Anyway we have had a blessed and wonderful month - we will try to get better with updates more often and keeping everyone informed. Enjoy the pictures...