Monday, June 25, 2007

A Ok

Coleman was put on an antibiotic thurs. pm and sat. am her incision looked much better. We went to doc again this am and they said she could continue to have some problems with the incision because they can feel the dissolvable stitches just under the skin and they may cause some more problems but nothing unmanagable. We're very thankful she responded so well to treatment. Scott is off to camp today so my prayers are for their safety this whole week and for God to touch their hearts mightily. Our God is gooooooooooood!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Prayer and a Picture

Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that Coleman went to the doctor today because of an infection that has started over her incision. Please pray for healing. She is doing fine and they have her on antibiotics and will go see the doctor again on Monday.

I also wanted to put up a picture of me and kids that was taken to be used in a special song that was sung at the church on Father's day.

Posting again soon,


Monday, June 18, 2007

Latest Update on Gabe

I wanted to send this to you all. I just got the email from Pam, Gabe's mom and wanted to share it. Thank you so much for praying for this family - please keep praying. (There's a Coleman update at the bottom, so read on!)

WE ARE HOME!! Gabe is a complete miracle. No one expected him to be home yet. Honestly we could have come home last Tues. (that would have been 1 week and 4 days post surgery, WOW) but the doctors thought that we should probably stay until his heart Cath that happened last Friday. That afternoon we came home! I’m sorry that I haven’t e-mail any updates since June 6th. The e-mail server that we have our e-mails through decided that MUSC’s sight was a risky sight so it shut down my e-mail capabilities. Anyway, Gabe is one of if not the best transplant recipient MUSC has had. He has shown ZERO rejection and his Tacro levels have been text book perfect. He has virtually a perfect matched heart! Thank you LORD!
Thank you all for your prayers, they have been answered! He looks incredible! He is pink and he actually has nervous energy! You know like when kids are sitting and they bounce their legs or move their leg back and forth. Gabe never did these things because he didn’t have the energy.
Another thing that I have learned from all this is to not take the little things for granted.
We still have to be very careful with him from a sickness standpoint. We can’t take him out in public places without a mask. Yea right! That means we can’t go out with him period for 6 months because he will NOT keep a mask on. I can’t say that I blame him. After a year we can relax a bit more but he will always be on the anti rejection med’s that compromise his immune system. Right now he is still on Prednisone and his face is puffy and he has drug induced diabetes. I have to check his blood sugar 4 times a day and sometimes give him insulin. But as soon as we can get him off the prednisone the diabetes will go away. Thank God!
Please continue to keep him in your prayers for protection from illnesses or infection and that we can come off of the prednisone soon!

Thank you so very much for everything!

Many blessing and much love,
Pam, Bruce, Gabe, Carra and Julian

Isn't that GREAT NEWS God is so good!
As for Coleman, she is doing really well. She has started to roll over again and push herself up. She has to be careful because if she lets herself down too quick it hurts, but she only fusses a short time, then tries again.
We had our first outing into public with her, she got to go to church with us this past Sunday. It was a great Father's Day to be able to hold my daughter while singing praises the our Father in Heaven. And the testimony that was shared by Phil Long this past weekend was so moving. You can check out the message at and listen to the message.
Thanks again to everyone, not only for your prayers for Coleman and our family, but for Gabe, and his family and Baby Chester and his family. (still waiting on an update from them)
In His Loving Arms,

Saturday, June 16, 2007

If anybody is still reading this now that Coleman's surgery is over; you should know that today is another important day in our household. Today is Scott's birthday!!!! So, feel free to call, email, or post here a birthday greeting/wish and make his day/weekend! Thanks!! Email is or his cell is (843) 478-5552. Mucho Gracias! Meghan

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Trip back to PA update

When last I blogged, AAA came to jump start the van and mom, dad, Karen and the kids were heading to exit 160 to get a new battery at Sears. They had the exit in view when the van died again. Another call to AAA and they were picked up and towed to Sears, where they got a new battery, had the car looked over and they were on their way. Then they arrived in Lumberton, NC where, little did they know, but they were about to spend the night and several long hours the next morning there. They got a good deal on the hotel but ended up renting a Uhaul to tow the van back to PA. But since 5 people can't fit in a Uhaul my sister, mom and niece had to take a taxi to Fayettville, NC to rent a car to drive home. When I talked to them around 5 pm tonight, they were just south of Richmond, VA. They should be home in Bloomsburg around 10 or 11 pm. So if you are reading this, please pray for safe travels and pray that some how the cost of the repair will be minimal.
I have been stressed over their journey home and I wasn't even with them, can't imagine how they felt.
Much Love to All

Monday, June 11, 2007

June 11th Update

Hey gang wanted to give you all an update and a couple of prayer requests. Coleman is doing really well. She slept much better last night and took some really good naps today.
My folks and sister and her kids headed back to PA today. They got to mile marker 130ish and the car died at a rest area. AAA came and jumped them and they are now heading to get a new battery. Please keep them in your prayers for safe travels home to PA.
I also received an email today from a friend of mine who has been following the blog and realized what strong prayer warriors are out there and has asked for you to pray about something - here is her email.
I have a prayer request if you could spread it around to your mighty prayer warriors. Aunt Doe has been working for years with addicts, as you know. There are no long-term inpatient treatment centers for adolescents in the Baltimore area, and there are no inpatient treatment centers for women in the county. She has been working hard with her friends in the county to get a residential treatment program together for girls -- one where they will have a therapeutic horseback riding program and care for the animals as part of their rehab. So, a lot of the pieces are starting to come together, but this has happened before and something or someone has interfered at the last minute to make the whole deal fall apart. This week all of the players are going to come together and give a really good go at making the program happen. Please keep them in your prayers. When I worked at the jail, and just observing my friends and Doe who are involved in helping these women, the deck is doubly stacked against them. There are not half the opportunities, job programs, funds, or rehab facilities that there are for young men. I am not sure why, but it's true, and I have seen some very motivated, hard-working and bright women end up back on the streets because all of their hard work is met with brick wall after brick wall here in Harford County. So -- that's my case! Please add this to your lengthy prayer request list.

Thanks for praying and I promise to add more pictures of the kids soon!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Prayer for Little Gabe

First of all thank you all again for all your prayers for Coleman, she is doing great! Meghan and I were talking last night about how funny it is that we are surprised at how well she is doing, we should have known she would do great with all the folks who have been interceding on our behalf. God is so faithful!
This morning I popped into the Chapel service at our church just as they were singing How Great Thou Art, and I couldn't help but raise my hands and sing out because God is GREAT and worthy of our praise!
I'm asking that you would continue to pray for baby Chester who is still in the hospital, but as of last Thursday when we talked with his family he was doing really well, please keep them in your prayers. Also Little Gabe - I'm going to attach a message from Gabe's mom and ask that you would continue to pray for them.
Gabe is doing great. His heart biopsy went well and they haven’t gotten the results back yet but they don’t expect them to be anything but good. He has been a little more restless than normal so please pray for him to be comfortable and peaceful. All in all he has done much better than the average transplant recipient. Everyone is quite amazed at how well he’s doing.
I think it’s amazing what God can do when you asked him to take over and really mean it! I can tell you first hand that at first that was extremely difficult but as we kept praying the prayer for God’s plan not ours it’s amazing how much peace you get. Honestly, I do realize that it is much easier because everything has gone so well but we are sure that his plan is much better than ours even if it doesn’t look that way too us at first. Believe me, I don’t say that flippantly. I see so many people so very worried about their children and I try so hard to find the right time to minister to them and tell them why it is that we are at peace and not worried. Sometimes I question myself and say “why aren’t you more concerned or nervous?” “Am I not as caring as these other people?” That’s when God gently reminds me that he IS in CONTROL, Thank God, and I chill out! It’s amazing how God puts you in situations that you can’t control so you understand that giving it to him is what you should have done in the first place. There really is peace with that decision.
Bruce and I are so far from perfect and we sometimes wonder why God chose us for this special task. Sometimes we are bewildered and sometimes we are humbled but we always come back to the understanding that we are truly blessed to be allowed to be Gabe’s parents and be blessed to have him with us a long as God wants him to be here. God is the miracle worker and he can perform miracles so that we have Gabe longer than most people would expect. At this point we are thankful for tomorrow.
The feeling that we have knowing that so many people are praying for Gabe is impossible to put into words that do it justice. We will again just say thank you and God bless you.

These are both great families and Meghan and I are blessed to have met them.
We love you all and thank you again for your prayers!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Great Check Up

We just got back from the cardiologist and had great results. Coleman's x-ray was great and showed clear lungs! Praise God! EKG looked good and her incision looked good too. They took the stitch out where her drainage tube was, and the took the tape stripes off her chest. Coleman didn't like that so much! (not sure mom liked it too much either). We go back to the Cardiologist in a month and just monitor her until then. Everyone was very pleased with her check up.
So we are just PRAISING GOD for all that he has done for us. Please don't stop praying, we still have the road of recovery ahead of us, but so far the road is smooth (not like the interstates in PA). My dad and sister and her kids leave tomorrow to come down for a visit and then my mom will be heading back with them on Tuesday. Meghan's going to need lots of prayer because I will be back in full swing of work and she will be at home with the three little ones again by herself.
Thanks again for all the prayers, love, support and food.
One last thing - my cousin Lydia (the reason I moved to SC) turned 4_ today! (Here's how you can figure it out...We have a 12 year cycle in my. My mom is 12 years older than my Uncle Jim and my cousin Lydia. They are 12 years older than me. I'm 12 years older than my cousin Amber (Uncle Jim's daughter), She is 12 years older than my nephew Brandon, and Brandon is 12 years older than Coleman! Hope you have a great birthday Lydia!!!
Love to all
Happy Birthday Lydia (I know she reads the blog). Little side story about Lydia and my family. Mom my is 12

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Speaking of Poop

I really don't have much of an update since yesterday. Coleman continues to do well and seems to be getting better every day. I returned to work today, so I am slowly getting back into the grove of things. Coleman returns to the Cardiologist tomorrow for a follow up appointment, I will blog then and fill everyone in.
Thanks to all who have prayed for Coleman to poop, it is working. We had two yesterday and one today- and as strange as it sounds, that makes us happy!
But that was not the poop story I wanted to share. Our oldest, Tradd, does not like to eat fruit or vegetables, and he will tell you that. He used to love drinking the smoothies that Meghan makes for them, but stopped liking them after she called it a "fruit" smoothie. Anyway, he always complains when he goes to the bathroom that he can't poop. And we always tell him he needs to eat better, that he needs to eat his fruits and vegetables. Yesterday he was in the bathroom sitting on the toilet and yelled; "I can't poop, someone get me a vegetable!" Needless to say we all had a good laugh over that one.
Like I said earlier we are heading down to MUSC tomorrow and hopefully we will get to see the two families we met in the waiting room and I can update everyone on their children's progress. Until then, keep them in your prayers and us too. We love ya all! (I threw in that "Ya all" for the northern family and friends).
In Him

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Update, June 5

Coleman had a great nights sleep, she even slept through the night. We were afraid that since she wasn't sleeping through the night in the hospital it would take awhile to get her back on schedule. So we are praising God for a good nights sleep. And as funny as it sounded when I asked you to pray about it, we are praising God for poop! Coleman was able to have a good poop today and we are just praying for more.
She is really doing great - her personality is back, she is smiling a lot again and she doesn't even act like she is in any pain. As a matter of fact she hasn't had any pain meds since 3 pm yesterday.
She saw her pediatrician today and he said things looked great. Speaking of her Pediatrician, please keep Todd Vasko in your prayers as he and his family lead a medical mission trip to Oradea, Romania. This is a special place to Meghan and I because we did a month long mission trip to Oradea for our one year anniversary. Please keep Todd and his family in your prayers as they travel and administer not only meds but God's love to the people of Romania.
We also will be going back to the Cardiologist on Thursday for a post surgery check up and just pray for good results there.
One last thing for you all to pray about, Meghan's mom and dad are traveling home to Ohio today and my dad and sister and her kids will be driving down here on Friday. Please pray for safe traveling for all of them and pray that my family remains healthy and can come to visit with us.

In His Loving Arms,

Monday, June 4, 2007

First Day Home

Coleman did really well her first day home. She took a couple of naps in her swing and has been eating like there's no tomorrow. Guess she feels she needs to make up for lost meals. Daddy got some rest today too and that was nice! Mommy didn't take any naps but maybe she will tomorrow.
We put Coleman down on her play-mat today and she rolled over and pushed up with her arms. It didn't seem to hurt her until she came back down. The doctors said she was "self-limited", meaning if it hurts she won't do it. So I guess it didn't hurt too bad because she tried it again.
We go back to the doctor tomorrow for a check up, and then to the cardiologist on Thursday to make sure everything is still healing correctly.
We are praying for Coleman to have (of all things) a pooped diaper. She had one after surgery but has not had one since. It could the a major blow out when it happens, but we need for her to have one. (I know its a strange prayer request, but it needs to happen)
Thanks again for all the prayers and encouraging words, we have been truly blessed. We will continue this blog to update folks on Coleman and on the boys. Now that the surgery is behind us I will be talking more about the boys too and posting some pictures.
I also ask that you continue to pray for the two little boys we met in the hospital Baby Chester and Gabe and their families. We didn't get to say good bye to the families but are hoping to check in on them on Thursday when we are back down at the hospital.
We love you all and can't say thank you enough for your prayers.
In Him

We are HOME!!!

Meghan got a phone call this morning from the hospital saying that they were getting ready to discharge Coleman. We thought they meant up to the 7th floor. But they said, nope, home! We are so excited. She really is doing well. The doctor we talked to this morning said that the echocardiogram they took this morning really looked great. He said he has been getting phone calls about how good the echo looked! We are really happy about the news and praise God for an early release. Please continue to pray as she still has recovery time here at home and more doctors appointments to make sure nothing develops.
We are so blessed and still in shock that she is home!!!!!!

Praising God

Coming Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it!? Discharged this a.m. We're bringing her home. More details later!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Off the Oxygen

ANOTHER PRAISE REPORT!!!! They took Coleman off her Oxygen and her stats are really doing well! We are so excited! God has been truly faithful and His healing powers are awesome!
We are not moving to the 7th floor tonight, as a matter of fact they are so booked up on 7c that they had to move a patient down to the PCICU to make room for a sick child coming in. (It's Patient Shuffle). The nurse said some times they move patients out of 7c on Mondays so maybe tomorrow. Either way it Coleman has had excellent care with the nurses in the PCICU.

Thanks again for your prayers!

The Lines are Out!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the lines are out! They have removed all of Coleman's IVs and internal monitor lines and her Cath. She is resting right now and is really doing great!
We are waiting for a bed upstairs on 7c and we are first in line to be moved out of the PCICU.

I also have another prayer request, my co-worker Amber is in labor and her and her husband Jesse are about to have their first baby. Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare for the arrival of baby David. We are so excited for them and can't wait to meet him. (I'll keep you posted on his arrival).

In His Loving Arms,

Sunday Morning Update

Good Sunday Morning to you all, hope everyone in the Charleston area survived the storm last night. Coleman is doing really well today. She had a bit of a rough spot this morning when they had to put the IV port back in that she ripped out a couple of days ago. She is not an easy one to find put an IV in or draw blood. Anyway, they finally got one in her leg. We were glad to hear they were putting the IV in because that means they are getting ready to move us out of the PCICU. The doctor told us today that she is first on the list to move, once a bed becomes available. The nurse told me this morning that if she keeps progressing the way she is, we would be going home soon. Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming. I hope you all have a blessed Sunday and we will keep you posted as the day goes on. (I'm going to get some breakfast now!)

In Him

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Saturday Evening Update

Hello again, the postings are spaced out more because we are able to spend more time with our princess. She is doing really well. They took out the drainage tube and so far so good. Everything went well and is looking good. They also took out the wire that was connected to the heart to monitor how it was doing and that went really well. We are so blessed to live here in Charleston and have such a wonderful hospital and team of doctors and nurses.
Our nurse tonight was a fellow Seacoaster and I have taught her children in Kidscoast. It was great to see a familiar face while we sat with Coleman.
I also wanted to give you an update on the other two little boys I have asked you to pray for. According to their families they are doing really well and progressing nicely. Please continue to keep them in your prayers and their families. Again it has been such a blessing to be in the waiting room with these folks.
Thank you for your prayers and this weekend as you go to church where ever it is in this great world, please shout out an extra praise to God for His faithfulness, love and support He has given to us. Every time I walk up to the side of Coleman's hospital crib I sing "Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!" (for those of you who are worried, I sing it in my head not out loud).
I wish I could find the words to tell you how Great God is and how much I love Him!

Wrapped in His loving arms,

Saturday Afternoon Update

Coleman is doing really well today. I talked with Cardiologist this morning and they are waiting for the surgeon to come in today. They will talk with him about removing the drainage tube from the chest and other tubes wires and whatnot.
Please pray as this will be another big hurdle we will have to get over in order to get her out of PCICU and moved to another floor. We also need to pray that there would be a bed available on 7C for her to be moved. Once the tube is out we can hold her and love on her.
The doctor was pleased with how she is eating and resting, so the next step is removing the drainage tube and some of the other "stuff".
Thanks again for the prayers!

Good Morning -
Meghan and I decided to head home last night to get a good night sleep, which we got. We tried to get down to the hospital this morning early but didn't make it, the sleep was too good. We are allowed to visit with Coleman pretty much all day, except between 7:00 - 8:30 am/pm when they are doing their shift change and rounds. Since we did not wake up till 6 we called down to check on Coleman. The nurse said Coleman did really well during the night and took 6oz of milk this morning and was smiling a lot. We are hoping they will move her out of the PCICU soon and put us in our own room so everyone can visit, but not sure when that will happen.
Again thanks for all your prayers, love and support.

In His Arms

Friday, June 1, 2007

First Feeding since surgery

God is so good to us! You will read shortly Meghan's first posting on the situation. I just read the draft and I don't know why I have been doing all the writing, she would have done a much better job.
Anyway, I don't want to give it away, so I'll tell you what I wanted to say so she can finish her post. Coleman is awake and doing well and when we went in to she her the nurse said she tied to feed her but Coleman didn't seem to want it. We forgot to tell her that Coleman is pretty picky about who feeds her sometimes. So I got to feed my little princess. She did really well and as far as I know she has kept it down. After eating she fell asleep so we returned to the waiting room.
We will go down again soon and see her and I will give you another update. In the mean time I'm going to get Meghan to finish her post and I know you will be blessed by it. I was moved by her post and fell in love with her all over again.
I do have to share this... before Coleman's surgery Meghan said to me, (and I'm paraphrasing) The day of surgery should be the best day of our lives. Not getting what she meant she explained, with all the people praying for Coleman and us, it should be the best day. I have to say, May 30th was one of the top days of my life. I saw God working wonders with his Peace, His healing hands, and the love that everyone poured out on us.
Talk with you again soon

Seeing/Experiencing God

Where do I begin to explain my thoughts? I'm sooooooooo overwhelmed by God's goodness that I'm near speechless!! After Coleman's heart diagnosis in December, we grieved and were sad and didn't have much peace for a few days, maybe a week. Then, God spoke. God spoke several times. One time I was praying and just talking to God about my sadness that Coleman had to go through this and couldn't He use me and my body to do something that would bring Him glory rather than using my precious Coleman? (I had the sense that what I was feeling was not so different from what Jacob might have felt when he was called to lay Isaac on the altar. ) Although it didn't comfort me right away, I was impressed that God was saying, "you'll see me Meghan. You'll see my face and experience me through this whole thing. Expect to see and experience me at every turn!" While that made me feel better and definitely eager to see Him, I still wished Coleman didn't have to suffer. It wasn't but about 2 days later that I was sitting in church talking to God and I was impressed with several word pictures. I started to think about how God created this world we live in and what an amazing creator He is. We can definitely see a part of God by appreciating His creation. Then I thought about the ocean and all the wonders of the depths of the sea which most of us will only experience through the Discovery channel. In order to personally experience that part of God's creation, you have to be a diver and you have to have equipment that will either take you to the depths or that can go there for you as the deepest part of the ocean is not physically suitable for humans. (This is where I have trouble articulating my thoughts) Aren't there aspects of God that, like the ocean, will always stay a mystery because we just can't access it due to our humanness? Are there not also aspects of God that only a process of suffering can allow us to see and experience? When God revealed these thoughts and ideas to me, my immediate response was "thank you God for Down Syndrome and all that goes with it!" I want to see, know and experience God in new and amazing ways. My sense was that we were getting to go to some depths that we otherwise couldn't get to aside from this experience.

Well, as much as I love to worship and I feel so connected to God through worship, my worship experiences have never taken me to this place where I have recently experienced a new aspect of God's love!! God said to `expect to see' Him and we have indeed. We have seen Him in and through Coleman's success so far in this healing process. We have seen Him through the doctors, nurses, surgeons and other staff members here at MUSC. We have seen Him through other families in similar circumstances who are also believers and who also trust in God's total abilities to manage the Universe and to bring healing to our children. We have seen God also through the faces and hugs and food etc., of those who have come to visit or drop off food at home. And we have especially seen God through Charlotte and Jim White who lovingly cared for Tradd and Cooper and who have been at our beck and call. Finally, we have seen God through this blog and everyones' comments, through other notes and emails and through all the amazing people who have given us there bended knees and bowed heads throughout this process.

A friend of ours recently made a post regarding scripture in I John which talks about love. I John 4:12 says "No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us." (NIV) Essentially, we see/experience an aspect of who God is through the love of others! It seems that God has wanted us to experience the depths of His love through this because he allowed us to be so profoundly loved and blessed by all the support and prayers of people we know and even those we don't know. While I bask in God's love, experiencing it through you all, I'm beginning to wonder what this is preparation for!? God's purposes are multi-faceted and He surely has a plan for us to do something with this experience. I believe God teaches us things not only for our benefit but also for the benefit of others. What I'm trying to say is that there is another chapter to be written. Instead of 6 months with surgery looming ahead somewhat foreboding, I will wait eagerly and enthusiastically to find out what that next chapter will be.

Off the Ventilator

We just talked to the nurse and Coleman has been taking off the ventilator and is doing well. Her stats are all good and she is breathing on her own. She is sleeping now, which is what they want because they hear a "squeaking" noise in her chest, which is just from the fluid around the lungs. They have given her a steroid to help take care of that and do not have any concerns at this time.
We are so excited and can't wait to see her. This is a huge step towards being moved to the 7th floor children's hospital then home.
Thanks for praying and keep them coming!!!

In Him

June 1st Update on Coleman

We just went in to see Coleman and she had her eyes open. That is the first I have really seen them open since she has been out of surgery and I have missed those beautiful eyes.
Again they are talking about taking her off the ventilator (I know they have been saying that for the past 24 hours). They are giving her a "water pill" because of some fluid build up around the lungs. This is something she had before going into surgery and since the body has to learn how to pump blood with a repaired heart they want to make sure all the fluid is gone from the lungs. The nurse was really great at explaining everything (I think I need her to come blog for me) and she was very pleased with all of Coleman's developments. She has been around Coleman since she entered the PCICU.
Please pray that everything goes well today so they can get Coleman off the ventilator so we can see her beautiful smile, that is the other thing I am missing.
I'm heading home to play with the boys and will be there till nap time (good planning, dad gets to put them down for a nap and just maybe he will fall asleep too).
Love to all

Good Morning

Good Morning everyone. I don’t really have an update on Coleman yet this morning, but I wanted to let you know that the little boy who had a heart transplant last night is out of surgery and is doing well. Please continue to pray for little Gabe and his family as they have a long road of recovery ahead of them. I have to say Gabe’s parents are so strong in their faith. I thought Meghan and I were doing good going into surgery, but compared to what Gabe had done, Coleman’s surgery seems like a little hang nail removal. And Gabe's parents were at total peace, at least they made it look that way! God is so amazing and never ceases to keep me in Awe of Him!