Sunday, April 27, 2008

Picture Time

Here are some new pictures of the kids - enjoy!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Every Daddy's Dream

Really quick... I was outside playing with Tradd and Cooper after work and out of the blue Cooper says to me..."Daddy I want to be like you!" Brings a tear to your eye doesn't it?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Creation vs. Evolution

Well, our little Einstein has done it again. He, Tradd, is voraciously eating up any info. I can give him on evolution. At the same time, his favorite book for me to read is the Bible so I figure he's definitely coming out on the side of creation right? Wrong! Well, at least he says he believes in Evolution. I think it's the typical pastors kid not wanting to believe what he knows his parents believe. Every time he talks about believing in evolution I tell him that's his choice but that mommy and daddy believe the Bible is the truth and it just makes the most sense. It's kind of like the whole Halloween thing. He would say that he doesn't like Halloween but that when he grows up he'll celebrate Halloween. I figure he's looking for a reaction so I tell him that's his choice but for now we don't participate. I will say one thing, these issues have caused me to pray much more for the kids. I love that he seeks information and that he seems to do it equally about God and evolution. He's such a compliant kid so it's disheartening that he seems to be using these things to assert his will and rebel a little. This could be a great thing as he grows up and hopefully stops playing this game and works out his faith. He could become a great apologist. But, he's certainly going to keep me on my knees (which is where I should be anyway, huh?).

Cooper, being quite the little competitor, has learned how to pump on the swings and he's very good. He's been doing it for a few months and he can't stand it when Tradd says he's swinging higher than Cooper. And oh does he strut like a peacock when he catches a bug or caterpillar or something and his brother doesn't have one. These two are pretty competitive!

And for the princess: she's sleeping through the night again now that she's cut 6 top teeth and no longer has any infections such as croup or pneumonia. She's crawling much more efficiently and is into everything. She looooooves to try and stand on her own and let go of things. She is getting better at it too.

Last but not least, baby Drayton is still wreaking havoc on my days. I actually had 5 days in a row last week where I felt my old self with no nausea. Then it came back with a vengeance. Anyway, I guess I'm about 12 weeks and I have an OB appointment next Friday. I think they're going to try and hear Drayton's heartbeat. I think I'm still in shock that we're back to this again! The consensus in the house is pretty much that Drayton should be a girl. Everyone seems to have their own reasons but I think Coleman and Drayton would be best buds and I just can't stand to have all these beautiful dresses not be worn by another Kinney baby. Imagine the competition in this house if Drayton is a boy!? Tradd is so sweet. He rubs my belly when I'm feeling sick.

Well, this has taken me an hour to write because I keep getting interrupted. I'm not much of a creative writer with this much interruption topped off by baby brain. So, although it lacked a bit of writing `color', there's the Kinney Kids update. Will be getting my hair cut tomorrow. Should be a dramatic difference. Will try to do before and after pics. Yea!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Cooper Story

The other night, when it was time for bed, I told the boys to go to the bathroom. In the process Cooper ended up peeing on his underwear. It upset him when I told him he had to change them, they were one of his two favorite pairs. He asked if he could wear his other favorite pair, which happened to be in the dryer and not yet dry. After trying to explain the whole laundry system to a 3 year old we had melt down. He just didn't want to wear the underwear I picked out, he wanted his favorite pair. I told him that he was not the boss, daddy was and that he needed to put the underwear on and head to bed. After some pretty heavy persuading we made it to the bedroom. While I was reading to Tradd, Cooper kept pushing me with his feet telling me to get off his bed. So when it came time for lights out I did what any father would do - I made him more upset at me by laying down on his bed with him. He pushed and kicked saying "get out of my bed daddy, I don't like you." When I told him I would not get out of his bed he rolled over in a huff away from me. When it was time for me to leave the room, I stood up and told both the boys I loved them and started out the door. Cooper stopped me and in a very sweet voice called out "Daddy".
Expecting to hear "I Sorry" or "I love you" I asked "What is it Cooper?" To which he replied...
"I THE BOSS" and rolled over away from me.
It was as if he waited to get the last word in. He's lucky he's so cute!

Another Kinney Update

Just wanted to let everyone know that Coleman is doing much better. You may have seen on a comment my mom left on our blog, Coleman was taken to the ER last Sunday with a temp. of 104. The doctor didn't think it was pneumonia but Meghan asked for an x-ray and sure enough it was pneumonia. She was sent home with some meds and is doing well now. Matter of fact as I am typing this she is standing next to me and kissing my knee.
So thanks so much for all your prayers for Coleman and for my staff they have all returned to good health. Even Lauren is doing well - the report I got today is that she is missing work and wants to get back. She is still tired and catching up on some sleep.
If you are reading this Lauren, get well soon, we all miss you and can't wait to have you back at work.
So I think we are back to health here in the Kinney home! At least I hope so we have a big weekend planned - we are watching Cora and Connor this weekend. Cora is going to be a big help for Meghan as she just loves Coleman and Connor and Cooper are the same age and love playing together. It should be a fun filled weekend - and when I say filled I mean with children.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Prayer Requests

Hey gang if there is one thing I am 100% sure of, it's that God answers prayer! Here is a few things that I would like for you to join me in praying for...
  • Lauren H. - 24 year old co-worker who had surgery today to remove thyroid cancer. They found more and had to remove the whole thyroid as well as some lymph nodes. She will start radiation treatments soon. Please pray for her and her family as this was not the outcome they were expecting today.
  • Terri S. - another co-worker who has strep throat
  • Melissa P. - another co-worker who has some kind of stomach bug that won't let go. Plus her daughter has her first dance competition this weekend - pray she is well enough to go and watch
  • Mariann C. - another co-worker (I know, I should look for a new job - or staff that doesn't get so sick) who has been battling the flu all week
  • Char O. - friend in PA who has surgery on Wednesday - pray for a speedy recovery for her and keep her husband Dave in your prayers as well.

Thank you so much! I know there are a bunch of prayer warriors out there so lets get to our knees and take these boldly before the throne of God!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Update on the Kinney Fam!

As you know I have the best job in the world, I LOVE WHAT I DO! But even though I love what I do, it doesn't mean that my job doesn't come with some stress from time to time. This week stress is an understatement. I have taken on some new responsibilities at work and until I get the hang of them there is going to be some level of stress added with the extra work. I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I see the light, it's just getting to that light that has been the challenge. I'm also the type of person that when I stress I don't sleep well. I'm constantly in work mode and always thinking what the next work day will look like, thus losing sleep.
On top of work stresses we have had some sickness in our house. A couple of weeks ago both the boys had strep throat and Coleman has been teething (five teeth at one time - her poor parents). Last Saturday morning we took her to the ER because she was having difficulty breathing, due to congestion. Since she had pneumonia last year at this time, we didn't want to take any chances. By the time we got to the ER she was talking and making all kinds of sounds. Coleman was diagnosed with croup. They gave her some meds and we headed home.
After returning home for the ER, Meghan went to the doctor to find out that she had strep throat. As if all the morning sickness she's had the last 9 weeks wasn't bad enough. Yep morning sickness as in read correctly, the Kinney's are expecting again - November 3rd. Don't worry, it's okay to laugh, we laughed too when we found out. And yes we know what is causing it but for some reason God wanted us to have this precious child. Without going into details all I will say is Meghan only has one fallopian tube and the box said 99.8% effective.
Since the shock has worn off we can say we are excited about the upcoming arrival of Drayton Issac (meaning laughter) or Drayton Elizabeth (favorite Jane Austen character) this fall. We ask that you would keep us in your prayers as we prepare for the new arrival and we will keep you posted on all the cool and exciting things God is doing in our lives at this time.
I do have to say that the night we found out I struggled with the idea of having another child, not because I didn't want one, but because I wasn't sure where we were going to put one. (no comments Lori) 1,000 square feet only holds so much and so many. But God already is working that out and we will fill you in more on that as it progresses. The one big thing we are learning is that God is in control and we need to trust Him.